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Once you have achieved Session Leader Certification you can lead your own sessions for relaxation & well-being

There is no requirement to attend further training, however you will be very welcome to return to learn additional sets and explore deeper layers of Qigong, when the time feels right for you.

We offer a variety of modules and a variety of ways to learn

Get in touch if you would like to discuss what is best for you

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Video Based

Information Modules

Enjoy these video based modules in your own time to expand your knowledge and add more depth to your sessions

Daily Ex video screen shot.png

90+ Session ideas to pass on qigong knowledge, keeping sessions interesting

Available to purchase at any time 



Exploring the essence of the elements and how they integrate into qigong & life

Available to purchase at any time 



A wealth of information. See the full list of all of the past zoom masterclasses

Available to purchase at any time 

From £8

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Video Based
Certification Modules


Learn these sets in your own time at home, and complete the video based certification when the time is right for you

Reduces your need to travel as well as supporting you to learn when you are ready and at your own pace

These additional gentle sets are based on the same principles as the 6-day course so are ideal to learn via video, with personal feedback and support

The Six Steps Qigong fists.jpg

An uplifting set of 6 movements which is specifically designed to take the body through a gentle detoxification process. Also known as Six Steps Qigong

Available to purchase at any time 


Restorative Qigong set Seated photo_edited_edited.jpg

2 short restorative sequences, demonstrated standing & seated, which aim to support people who are in ‘health overdraft’, exhausted, recovering from illness, depleted or overwhelmed.

Available to purchase at any time 



An adapted version of this set so it is enjoyable to learn and suitable for almost everyone. Easily delivered in a typical Shibashi Set 1 session to offer variety.

Available to purchase at any time 


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Come Back to our Hinckley Studio

 Refresh previous learning, enjoy personal tuition, ask your questions, explore deeper knowledge

Every module you attend will be unique

Although we will always cover the same basic syllabus we will explore based on the individuals who attend and movements from several different Qigong Sets and Forms


To achieve Advanced Session Leader Certification

Attend  4 x Physical Focus Days 

And 2 x Energy Focus Days 

Next Dates

Saturday 23 March 2024, £60

3 Places Available

Sunday 24 March 2024, £60

3 Places available

Saturday 9 Nov 2024, £60

6 Places Available

Sunday 10 Nov 2024, £60

6 Places available


Physical Focus

Tai Chi Qigong Techniques


Body Alignment

Exploring movement in a Tai Chi Qigong way,  the subtle techniques which ease the body softly but bring strength, connecting every part of you, inside & out, to support your internal organs to help them work more efficiently as well easing your joints, muscles and tendons.

We learn correct Body Alignment in the way we sit, stand and move by working with each other

We will work with each of you as an individual based on your previous experience, looking at the Qigong Sets & Forms that you have learned

You can attend for 1 day or

come along for the whole weekend

Each day will be different

Next Dates

Saturday 11 May 2024, £60

4 Places Available

Sunday 12 May 2024, £60

4 Places available

May 2025- dates to be confirmed

Aura image Debbie.jpg

Exploring Energy Within Qigong

Seeing, sensing and learning to clear, balance, consolidate and restore energy within a variety of Qigong Sets.


Exploring the 5 Elements or Phases, the energy they represent and how that integrates into the way we move, and the way we cope with everyday life to bring about a deeper healing and calm

We will work with you as an individual based on your previous experience

You can attend for 1 day or

come along for the whole weekend

Each day will be different

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Come Back to our Hinckley Studio

The last face to face training modules to learn these sets and gain certification to deliver it within your session will be in 2024 


Next Dates

16 & 17 March + 20 & 21 April 2024.

1 place available


The movements of Shibashi Qigong Set 2 are very different to Set 1 and include more challenging stances to build stamina.

This module explores these interesting and enjoyable movements and ways that some of the more complex movements can be adapted.

4 Days, over 2 non-consecutive weekends



Next Dates

14 & 15 Sept + 19 & 20 Oct 2024.

2 places available

Tai Chi 2 (3).jpg

Anyone who has experienced the flow of a Tai Chi Form will know how beautiful it is to watch as well as to perform. However Tai Chi Forms are complex and require years of dedicated practice.

This module teaches those movements within a qigong set offering a more inclusive way for people to enjoy and practice the flow of a Tai Chi Form​

4 Days, over 2 non-consecutive weekends


Book & Pay
Further Training

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