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Further Development

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What Next?

Once you have successfully completed the 6-day Session Leader Course

you can lead your own sessions for relaxation & well-being

There is no requirement to attend further training. However you will be very welcome to return to the Academy to learn more when the time feels right for you

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Training Diary


1 & 2 March 2025

Daily Tai Chi Exercises

22 & 23 March 2025

Acupressure Qigong Set  

5 & 6 April 2025

Body Alignment

12 & 13 April + 17 & 18 May 2025

Shibashi Qigong Set 2

12 & 13 July + 16 & 17 Aug 2025

Lee Form Qigong Set

27 & 28 Sept 2025

Energy within Qigong Module

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Many of us love to keep learning more about this amazing Health Art

Session Leaders can gain higher certification by completing all of the following modules which continue to build their Tai Chi Qigong knowledge


All of these modules are in person at our Hinckley studio

You can complete them in any order and at your own pace 

Body Alignment


Energy Within Qigong


Exploring Physical Health Benefits 


Delivering a Seated Qigong Session

Refresh Days

Sometimes we all need to refresh what we have learned and enjoy returning to the academy to gain some personal tuition and ask our own questions to build our understanding

You can always return to learn additional Qigong sets but sometimes we just need a day, or two, to enjoy and explore what we have already learned

You will always learn more when attending a refresher module

You will attend with more experience which often leads to a deeper layer of understanding

Ideal Refresher 1- Day Modules:

Delivering a Seated Qigong Session

Physical Health Benefits of Qigong

Qigong Immersion Experience

Ideal refresher 2-day modules

Body Alignment

Energy within Qigong day




As Session Leaders we are always delivering sessions and rarely get to enjoy a session for ourselves

This qigong immersion is all about you, not as a Session Leader, but a chance for you to lose yourself within the flow and experience the session for yourself

This is an opportunity for you to be guided through the 18 Shibashi Set 1 movements and enjoy the time and space to immerse yourself, allowing you to reach your full potential, physically and energetically, for each movement.

You will gain a deeper understanding through your own experience, and enjoy this at your own pace

You will go through a deep cleansing, healing and restoring process


A gentle supportive full day session experience


Allows time to revisit & reflect giving your body the opportunity to absorb and embed the experience

You have the opportunity to share your experience, ask questions, gain more insight

You can come along for both days or just for the Saturday

 You can return every year to take your experience to an even deeper level

Saturday 10am to 5pm​

Sunday 10am to 2pm

10 & 11 May 2025

3 Places available

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Further Development

What's next on your path?


This 2-day module takes you through a tapping & self-massage routine

covering the whole body

The aim of this module is to teach you to lead a sequence of acupressure techniques, demonstrated on yourself, for session attendees or clients to follow

Key acupressure points are explored along with a variety of techniques

to sedate or stimulate

The routine can be delivered as a full session or in separate sections

Qigong Session Leaders can deliver this during the first part of a Qigong session

This module does not teach you to perform the techniques on other people

We provide notes and videos to support the face to face training



22 & 23 March 2025

1 place available

Body Alignment

Body Alignment 

In this 2 day module we will look at the posture and body alignment of each other, while we stand and while we move

You will learn how to complete a body alignment assessment and explore the issues poor body alignment can create or aggravate as well as safe teaching practices to help attendees into better alignment

We will also explore the subtle Tai Chi Qigong techniques to move the whole body 'as one' efficiently and effectively


5 & 6 April 2025

4 Places Available

This module is part of the Advanced Session Leader Certification

£60 Deposit to book your place

£60 remaining balance payable on or before 5 March 2025

Daily Tai Chi Exercises

This 2 day module explores 21 Daily Exercises, to ease the joints in the body and relax the muscles & tendons. Ideally they should be practiced every day. As always, it is the way the movements are performed that creates the maximum benefit. This module teaches the movements, the health benefits and the correct way each exercise should be performed. We also highlight common errors and explore different ways to deliver these within your sessions.


1 & 2 March 2025

1 place available

Daily Tai Chi Ex
Mark Aura.jpg

Seeing, sensing and learning to clear, balance, consolidate and restore energy.


Exploring the 5 Elements or Phases, the energy they represent and how that integrates into the way we move, and the way we cope with everyday life to bring about a deeper healing and calm


Saturday 27 & 28 Sept 2025

6 Places Available

£60 Deposit to book your place

£60 remaining balance payable on or before 27 Aug 2025

This module is part of the Advanced Session Leader Certification

Energy Module

Lee Form Tai Chi Qigong Set

Anyone who has experienced the flow of a Tai Chi Form will know how beautiful it is to watch as well as to perform. However Tai Chi Forms are complex and require years of dedicated practice. This module teaches those movements within a qigong set offering a more inclusive way for people to enjoy and practice the flow of a Tai Chi Form​.

4 Days, over 2 non-consecutive weekends


14 & 15 Sept + 19 & 20 Oct 2024

1 place available

12 & 13 July + 16 & 17 Aug 2025

4 places available

Lee Form Qigong
Physical Benefits

This training day explores specific techniques within the practice of qigong to create a deeper easing of the physical body. 

We will look at common problem areas such as the ankles, knees, hips, lower back, shoulders, neck and spine. 

This dedicated focus is ideal to incorporate into the 'learning' part at the start of each session and can also be used for workshops.

1 Day, £80

Saturday 16 November 2024

0 places available

Please ask for a cancellation place

Sunday 3 August 2025

5 places available

This training module forms part of the Advanced Session Leader Certification

Seated Qigong

This 1 day training module explores the Shibashi Qigong Set 1 for those who need to remain seated. We will look at the health benefits for the standing movements and consider how we can help our seated attendees benefit without compromising their need to sit, while considering the challenges & difficulties that sitting brings.

You will receive a certificate for 'Delivering a Seated Qigong Session'

This module is part of the Advanced Session Leader Certification

Saturday 10th August 2024

1 place available

Sunday 11th August 2024

0 places available

Saturday 2nd August 2025

5 places available

Shibashi Qigong Set 2

An additional set of 18 Movements to add variety to your sessions.

The movements of Shibashi Qigong Set 2 are very different to Set 1, moving and opening the body in a different way.

This module explores a variation of these interesting and enjoyable movements so this set can be offered to almost everyone, including those who may need to be seated for some or all of the session

4 days over 2 non-consecutive weekends


12 & 13 April 2025 & 17 & 18 May 2025

2 places available

Set 2
Star Cluster
Whipped Cream

Video Based


Enjoy these video based modules in your own time to expand your knowledge and add more depth to your sessions

Daily Ex video screen shot.png

Are you every stuck for ideas to deliver in your learning part of the session?

This video package offers more than 85 videos, each containing a video based 'session plan' with explanations of a vast number of topics to pass on qigong knowledge and keeping sessions interesting.

Available to purchase at any time 



A collection of videos offering theory behind the 5 Elements or Phases.

Exploring their essence and how they integrate into qigong & life.

Some videos also include physical practice, talked through by Debbie, offering an opportunity to feel this for yourself

Available to purchase at any time 



I delivered 21 'Masterclasses' over Zoom which offer a wealth of information and opportunities to practice the topic/theme of each class.  So this teaching and information is not lost, the videos can be purchased individually at £8 or  are grouped together in 'themes' at a discounted price.

See the full list of all of the past zoom masterclasses

Star Cluster

Book & Pay
Further Training

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