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Tai Chi Qigong

We offer different types of sessions but they are all about your well-being

Please get in touch before you come along to check that there are places available

We look forward to meeting you

Relax & De-Stress


Attleborough Liberal Club, Bull St
Attleborough, Nuneaton, CV11 4JX
Friday 10.15am with Mark £7

Attendees with the following conditions have found the session very helpful

Balance issues, high blood pressure, Insomnia, Parkinson's, M.E., Fibromyalgia,

Neck, Joint & back discomfort 

Gentle Tai Chi Qigong movements to relax and de-stress the mind and ease the body.

Suitable for everyone of all ages and abilities including those who may need to sit for all or most of the session. 

Everyone Welcome

Suitable for Beginners
Stay for a Cuppa Afterwards

Move - Relax - Ease


Sport in Desford

Peckleton Lane, Desford,  LE9 9JU​​
Wed 10.30-11.30pm, with Mark £7


Attleborough Liberal Club, Bull St
Attleborough, Nuneaton, CV11 4JX​​
Wednesday 1-2pm, with Mark £7
In these sessions we enjoy a variety of flowing gentle movements like dances, called Forms, to keep and mind active and engaged.

Always at your own pace and some people sit and rest when needed 
Fun & Relaxing

Everyone Welcome
Suitable for Beginners

Relax & Personal Support


3 The Horsefair, LE10 0AN

Sessions are 1 hour

Wed 11.30am
with Debbie £10
Thursday 7pm
with Debbie & Mark £10

Fri 10.30am
with Debbie £10​​

These small group sessions aim to work and support each individual. Teaching correct body alignment to aid joint, neck and spine discomfort. Support for those with fatigue, fibromyalgia, M.E. & similar. A space to feel accepted while navigating the roller coaster of life. Suitable for all adults who wish to help themselves.

Everyone welcome.
Suitable for beginners

Private Lesson with Debbie


3 The Horsefair, LE10 0AN

Sessions are 1 hour


Wednesdays @ 1.30pm
Fridays at 12.30pm



There are many reasons to book an occasional private lesson

You may wish to have personal support before attending your first class

You may want personal tuition to gain deeper learning for yourself

You may not be able to travel to a regular class but happy to travel occasionally to practice at home

Whatever your reason

I look forward to hearing from you

A brief look at some of our sessions

Purple Flower

Holistic Clinic

A Holistic approach to well-being

Treating you as a whole

April 2024

I am taking a break from offering therapies having just had an emergency op to remove my appendix in December

I am taking time out to restore myself

Posture Assessment

Posture Assessments are about 1 hour £35

We will stand in front of mirrors and I will highlight where your body is out of alignment and explain why this may cause you discomfort
We will explore how to sta
nd, sit & move correctly
I will suggest the best place to start your own personal alignment improvement
You body will need time to change
Your brain will need time to adopt new habits
You can choose to return when you feel ready for the next stage

The list of conditions that can be supported is endless. The most common are:

Neck, shoulder, elbow, knee, hip & spine discomfort. Bunions. Balance & flexibility.

Please wear shorts/leggings or loose trousers which can be rolled up.
I will not be manipulating your body into alignment or ask you to do anything that may hurt.
My posture alignment methods come from many years  of study as a holistic therapist and Tai Chi Qigong teacher, supporting people of all ages.



 Sessions are about 1 hour, £35

A restoring energy balancing session in a reclining chair

I will cleanse & balance your chakra, energy centres & energy field (Aura)

There will be quiet music to deepen the therapeutic experience

I may use Tibetan singing bowls

There may be healing essential oils in a diffuser, awakening your senses

There may be crystals placed around you or in the room

You can request an angel or oracle card

This is a deep healing & relaxation experience.

You may release old emotions
You may find the space this creates in your mind, body & energy empowers you to make the changes you need in your life.

You may feel inspired and see a pathway to move forward
You may find the peace you need to help you to heal. 

You may receive soul guidance 

You will have your own unique experience
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