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Debbie Gannon

My first passion was Lee Family Style Tai Chi, which opened my eyes to good health without pills. As my interest grew, a study of alternative therapies, including aromatherapy, massage, dowsing, acupressure, energy healing, crystal healing, cupping and moxibustion followed as a natural progression.

I have trained under several Tai Chi & Qigong Teachers all of whom have their own interpretation of what Tai Chi is, and how it should be taught. I feel enriched to have experienced these differing views as this gave me the courage to follow my own path.
I have now been a Tai Chi Teacher and Holistic Therapist & Therapy Teacher for several years


I follow the basic principles of Lee Family Style Tai Chi because I believe that the movements and stances within this style work with the body without imposing stress and strain. This makes it a style particularly suitable for those of us who are older, or who have joints or limbs with limited movement, as well as those taking up Tai Chi at an early age. It is a style suited to everyone! I realise that Tai Chi is a personal journey for everyone because we are all different. Our bodies all move in a different way and we all have different health issues, and different emotional situations that have shaped us into who we are today. I encourage my students to perform Tai Chi to the best of their own individual abilities and within their own physical limitations.


My Tai Chi Qigong Journey


I first discovered Tai Chi in 1993. I went on to join a local Tai Chi Ch’uan club called Midlands Tai Chi Ch’uan. The style of Tai Chi Ch’uan taught was Lee Family Style. My first teacher, Gee Higham, was taught by Chee Soo, The training and practice within the club included qigong exercises, known as Kaimen and DaoYin, meditation, Tui’na massage, body dowsing, qi development and the practical application of Tai Chi Ch’uan (self-defence).


To enhance my learning and understanding I went on to learn with other teachers. Some had also been taught by Chee Soo but others taught other styles, including Master Bruce Frantzis, who is known throughout the world.


To enhance my Tai Chi learning I completed training outside of my club to gain recognised qualifications to teach and deliver training and courses. I completed City & Guilds Adult Teaching Qualifications and an Assessor qualification.


To enhance my background understanding of Tai Chi,  I completed holistic training outside of my club to gain recognised qualifications. This included, Tui’na massage, Tongue & Face diagnosis, Chinese Fire cupping, Acupressure, Aromatherapy, Well-Being Practitioner, Crystal healing, Energy Healing and ran a holistic health clinic until covid, supporting people to work towards better health physically, mentally & energetically.


Through my Tai Chi Qigong training and working with clients holistically I began to specialise in Posture helping many clients recover after hip, knee replacements and painful spine issues. I also helped clients so they began to walk properly and some no longer needed joints replacing.​


My current qigong sessions provide a space for clients with fibro myalgia, M.E., chronic fatigue, COPD, anxiety, depression as well as those who want a preventative approach to their health so they can live a fulfilled life as they move into older age.


I have also completed face to face and on-line courses to gain certificates in other sets and styles of Qigong with Professor Lin Housheng, Des Walker & Dr Jwing-Ming. I continue to study and learn, and I am currently learning Mandarin, which is deepening my understanding of the texts and translations of the movement descriptions and Tai Chi techniques.

My personal thoughts about delivering Qigong in modern times

Over the last 30 years I have seen a decline in the strength and resilience of the UK population. An increase in office work, the use of cars, less physical activity and the introduction of the internet and mobile phones has contributed to weak physical posture.

The knock on effect is spine and joint problems which means that people attending classes today are not able to perform the movements that people of similar ages could 30 years ago.   

I have had to become creative and adapt the movements to enable people to enjoy the movements and gain the benefits without damaging their spine and joints.

My classes have changed from teaching movements, to teaching people how to stand correctly and over time going on to teach them how to move in correct alignment.  

My experience and practice of Tai Chi & Qigong has enabled me to understand the essence and health benefits of the movements.

I have been able to adapt the movements so that they are achievable physically while still offering most of the health benefits to the practitioner. This has been quite a challenge as the western mind-set is to push on through pain.  

My  way of teaching popular movements has been made more difficult because of media platforms, such as YouTube as the general public often want to follow the ‘Master’ in a video but without the correct teaching of techniques and body alignment this may cause the practitioner pain.

Internet following practitioners also turn up expecting to do the movements like they have seen and there is resistance to following my modified versions, with some people telling me that I am not doing the movements right.

I stay true to my own understanding and aim to educate session attendees and those who attend the Session Leader courses that I run with my husband Mark.


Although Tai Chi derives from a martial art we teach it as a holistic health art.


Our classes have a relaxed, friendly, non-competitive atmosphere which helps make learning and practicing this wonderful art a real pleasure. We want to share our knowledge with you to help you lead a healthy, active, & joyful life.


We want to help YOU get the best out of YOU


 The classes, workshops and courses we offer are not about us, they are about YOU.


We encourage questions and interaction because this is YOUR journey Our role is to support YOU along the way

Debs Qualifications

Debbie's Qualifications & Certifications


Acupressure Meridian Massage

Acupressure Massage for Pain Relief

Adult Teaching Qualification

Anatomy & Physiology


Assessor Qualification

Aura Imaging & Reading 

Breathwork Diploma

Chinese Fire Cupping

Chinese Tongue & Face Diagnosis

Chios Energy Healing

Crystal Therapy

Crystal Healing


Ear Candling

Environmental Awareness

Fire Safety Awareness

First Aid

Food Safety & Hygiene (level 1)

Gong & Sound Practitioner (level 1)

Holistic Massage

Kaimen & DaoYin (Chinese Yoga)

Life Coaching

Mandarin (basic level)

Meditative Sound Baths

Mental Health Awareness for Sport & Physical Activity


Posture Assessment 

Risk Assessment Awareness

Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults

Qigong (a variety of sets)

Qigong for Better Balance & Fall Prevention

Qigong Tui' Na

Shibashi Qigong Sets 1 & 2

Singing Bowls & Gongs

Sports Coaching Diploma

Sudden Cardiac Arrest 

Tai Chi Ch'uan (Lee Family Style)

Tui' Na Chinese massage

Tai Chi Qigong

Well-Being Facilitator

White Fabric
Our Qigong Session Leader Training Course is endorsed by PDApproval on behalf of the Sports Therapy Association ​
We are an accredited training academy by the Complementary Medical Association  ​

Our Qigong Session Leader Training Course is accredited by the Federation of Holistic Therapists 30 CPD points

We are an approved training academy by the International Guild Complementary Therapists  
Debbie is graded as a Senior Instructor Member of the Tai Chi Union for Great Britain


07958 353455



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