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Exploring Energy Within Qigong

Seeing, sensing and learning to clear, balance, consolidate and restore energy within a variety of Qigong Sets and Movements

Exploring the 5 Elements or Phases, the energy they represent and how that integrates into the way we move, and the way we cope with everyday life to bring about a deeper healing and calm

We will work with you as an individual based on your previous experience and the qigong sets that you have learned

You can attend for 1 day or come along for the whole weekend

Each day will be different


This module is £60 per day

Please see our cancellation policy before you book


Attending 4 x Physical Focus days and 4 x Energy Focus Days leads to Advanced Session Leader certification.

Energy Focus within Qigong. 2 Days

  • By making this purchase you are agreeing to our cancellation policy.

    See our cancellation policy here

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