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This is a mentoring module to support and inspire.

Sharing ideas and examples of how to change and adapt sessions creating variety.

 There is so much depth to explore and share within the 18 movements, to keep your sessions interesting and to help your attendees learn more in an enjoyable way. The ideas and practical learning will deepen your own knowledge of the movements as well as continue to build your confidence as a Session Leader.


This module is a collection of videos offering suggested ideas to use in the first part of your sessions, to add variety, pass on your knowledge, and to offer attendees more understanding, while maintaining the essence of a relaxing therapeutic session. These are suggested ideas for you to deliver in your own sessions in your own way. We have also provided you with some session template examples to help to create and plan your own sessions.


What is provided

  • 90+ ideas for sessions

  • Video links providing information & demonstrations of individual session ideas

  • Blank session plan PDF

  • Example full session plan PDF docs for several session ideas

  • A dedicated Facebook group.

When you purchase this module you will be sent the links in the 'thank you page and by email. 

The links provide online access to  YouTube videos, on our private YouTubechannel,   where you are able to watch as often as you wish.

We will also send you links to the videos which are stored on our google drive so you can download the links onto your pc or similar.

Delivering Effective Sessions. Video Information Module

  • Look for 'DOWNLOAD' in the thank you page, and also in the email. The download is a PDF document containing your notes and session templates. All of the video links are listed in the notes.  Depending on the device you are using, you may be able to click onto the  DOWNLOAD' link directly or 'cut and paste'.

  • There are no returns, exchanges or cancellations for instant download purchases.

    Please contact us about any problems with your order.

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