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This is an online access to a YouTube video link where you are able to watch as often as you wish


This video demonstrates a version of a Tai Chi Fan form based on Lee Family Style Tai Chi principles. Traditional Fan Forms can be physically challenging which can exclude many from the pleasure and fun that they bring.

This version of a Fan Form is INCLUSIVE and can be enjoyed by many. We have successfully delivered it to those who need to remain seated and just use their arms. Our golden guideline is that you cant get it wrong and as long as what you are doing doesnt hurt, and you are enjoying it,then you are doing it right.


Video is 6 minutes and 25 seconds


You will be send a link to our private YouTube channel and can watch as often as you wish.

Tai Chi Fan Form

  • Look for 'DOWNLOAD' in the thank you page, and also in the email. The download is a PDF document containing your video link.  Depending on the device you are using, you may be able to click onto the link directly or 'cut and paste'.

  • There are no returns, exchanges or cancellations for instant download purchases.

    Please contact us about any problems with your order.

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