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Exploring movement in a Tai Chi Qigong way,  the subtle techniques which ease the body softly but bring strength, connecting every part of you, inside & out, to support your internal organs to help them work more efficiently as well your your joints, muscles and tendons.

We learn correct Body Alignment in the way we sit, stand and move by working with each other each other 

 We will work with each of you as an individual based on your previous experience, looking at the Qigong Sets & Forms that you have learned

You can attend for 1 day or come along for the whole weekend

Each day will be different 


This module is £60 per day

Please see our cancellation policy before you book


Attending 4 x Physical Focus days and 4 x Energy Focus Days leads to Advanced Session Leader certification.

Physical Focus within Qigong. 2 Days

  • By making this purchase you are agreeing to our cancellation policy.

    See our cancellation policy here

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