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Welcome to the video based Shibashi Qigong Set 2, which has been adapted so most people can follow and enjoy these movements.

You will receive a link to notes which contain links to 14 videos on our YouTube channel.


We have provided a link a video to follow along as if you are attending a local session

We have also provided links to explanation videos for each of the movements, giving you an opportunity to gain more understanding.


We have included explanations for the movements when standing and also for those who may need to sit for some or all of the session


The movements of the original Shibashi Qigong Set 2 are very demanding and were designed to build stamina and increase physical flexibility, making them unsuitable for a lot of people. This adapted version offers 13 out of the 18 movements and has retained most all of the health benefits and offers the opportunity for almost everyone to enjoy them without stress or strain. The missing movements would have had to be adapted beyond recognition to be made suitable for everyone of all abilities and for them to be included in a video based session, so we took the decision to omit them.


We hope you enjoy the movements and the many health benefits that they may bring.


This is an online access to a YouTube video link where you are able to watch as often as you wish

Shibashi Qigong Set 2

  • Look for 'DOWNLOAD' in the thank you page, and also in the email. The download is a PDF document containing your video link. Depending on the device you are using, you may be able to click onto the link directly or 'cut and paste'.

  • There are no returns, exchanges or cancellations for instant download purchases.

    Please contact us about any problems with your order.

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