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This is an online access to a YouTube video link where you are able to watch as often as you wish


Steps 1 to 50, adapted making the movements accessible for everyone.

A Form can be described as a slow, moving, graceful dance. However the movements are also considered to offer many health benefits. The slow pace offers a chance to pause, to be mindful and enjoy moving meditation, which is a good place to start for those who find quiet and stillness challenging.
This version has been slightly adapted,  to make this lovely flowing form accessible to more people, suitable for most ages and abilities.
For example, we have removed some the complicated twists and turns and will step in a steady 'hip width' instead and a movement which requires a 'kick' in the traditional Form will be seen as the foot remaining on the floor in this adapted Form, meaning that practitioners of both version can enjoy a session side by side.


This, 8 minute long video, demonstrates a version of the New Way Lee Family Style Tai Chi Form. It should not be regarded as a step by step instruction but as a reminder, in general terms, of this Form.  The Lee Family Style Form is one of many styles of Tai Chi, all of which have common roots but differ in many ways

Adapted Lee Family Tai Chi Form

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